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Frequently asked questions

Exterior Renovation FAQ

1. What type of projects require professional help?

Answer: Major projects like concrete, rewiring, extensive plumbing work, roof replacement and structural changes should always be done by a professional contractor or licensed tradesperson. Other common renovations such as painting and sod may be handled by a novice homeowner as long as they understand safety protocols before undertaking any project.

2. How long will it take to complete an exterior renovation project?

Answer: The timeframe for completing an exterior renovation project depends on its complexity and scope. Simple projects such as replacing fixtures are quick, while major backyard makeover jobs could take weeks or even months depending on the size of the job.

4. Are there tax deductions for exterior renovations?

Answer: Yes, certain types of exterior improvements may qualify for tax deductions if they’re related to energy efficiency or medical needs for disabilities or other health related reasons specified by law. It’s important to consult with us to determine what expenses can be deducted from your taxes when planning any type of renovation project.

5 . Do I need permits for my renovation project?

Answer: This depends on the complexity and size of your project but in most cases you will need permits from local authorities before you start any kind of renovations that involve major structural changes or additions. Consult with us to find out what requirements apply in your area before taking on any projects that require special permissions from officials.

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